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Re: old style locking hubs

Originally Posted by DeadheadNM View Post
Old School owned by Special-K. I had to have OEM Spicers
That truck warranted OEM bumper to bumper. Thanks for the opportunity to own them. Might even use them one day!

Let's not leave out the cream of the crop of the time...Warn Loc-O-Matics. I ran these on my first 4wd. I tore up a couple hubs before I realized Warn's instructions were incomplete. They instruct to manually lock for heavy loads and compression breaking, but should have included any serious off road driving. It made sense to me after the fact to lock-in any time I went 4 wheelin'. It's any situation where added stresses occur. I had large tires, then there was the deep thick mud. With big tires they were only good for a quick aid, like rear tires spinning when backing up a gravel driveway. Maybe snow covered roads,too. But over 32" tires were a new thing the hadn't planned on. They held up fine locked in. The OEM automatic hubs would have been great all around hubs if GM had made them this way. Basically, if you roached a hub it's because you were too lazy to get out and lock-in. But, you gained the convenience of automatic
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