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Re: SBC Alu Heads Designed for Torque

Without a final decision on cubic inches, compression, heads, exhaust, induction and the choice made for everything from tire gear, trans vehicle weight, expected operating RPM band, You crally can't make much plans on what cam to use.

Up above you were still on the fence about the block , crank and all so really hate to push you too much towards ny cam. hat's why the custom cam guys are recomended.

For shelf stock,, 8.5:1 compression and a 350 a cam with 190-205 @ 0.050 may be good for a heavy truck with 42" tires and no gear change ,,, but be a stupid choice for something 'sportier' with a loose converter and OR more cubic inches.

Cubic inches gobble up cam duration like a fat cousin at Thanksgiving. a cam like the ever popular Comp 268H in a stock 70's emission 350 with low compression and 'car' tires / gears might be IDEAL in a 355 or 383 ,, but WAY TOO MUCH for a 6500 pound 4x4 with 3.43 gears and 33 or 40" tires.

A custom cam designer will ask more questions than you can possible answer. Then you start the work if finalizing the combination. Only then can the 'right' cam be chosen / selected. THEN you will know your getting a cam designed for YOUR particular bucket of bolts.
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