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Re: Show me your 67-72 4x4 Suburbans!

Originally Posted by JT_Trucks87 View Post
Does anyone on this thread want to sell their K20 suburban or know anyone that is trying to sell one? Always been a dream of mine to own a 3 door suburban. This thread is just awesome.
this is info I posted previously, how I found the two I have.. good luck!

Originally Posted by Killer Bee View Post
hey OP, this is what I did for the full court press in my search for suburbans..

you could set up a similar search pattern with the terms of what you're looking for..

might have to open a couple of different search arrays with different terms, such as 4x4 / 4 x 4 / 4wd / four wheel drive / you get the idea..

good luck!

Originally Posted by Killer Bee View Post
let's see if this works posting my search links.. this is how I found both of mine.. keep tabs open in separate browser and refresh daily or more..

simple search terms should catch all of them unless misspelled and the strays are minimal enough to keep the hit count down to one page..

orange county ca sacramento portland seattle phoenix albuquerque dallas denver

you get the idea.. add all the major cities you're willing to drive to or ship from and check the boxes for surrounding cities until your search results overlap..

you'll go through all of the usual mixed bag of craigslisters.. some really cool folks and some super flakes.. gotta weed through them though when you're on the hunt for something getting kind rare..

lots of 2wd but 4wd results are limited and even fewer 3/4t 4wd..

used these too but lots of bogus listings and emailed and called on a few that were either sold two years ago or never heard back from anyone

autotrader classics collector car network hemmings

good luck!
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