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Re: Project "Nether~Storm" 72 swb

Theres a little rust in the floor pans and some work to be done to the suspension. Which im planning on baggin it and layin frame, so no biggie there. Ive been working with the motor some trying to work out the kinks I've run into that are keeping it from running. First off I had a bad Carb, Fuel pump was wrong (pumping 14psi to the carb.) Spark plugs and wires were horrible, and it needed a new rotor button and cap for the HEI dist. Got all of that fixed except the carb... Waiting on funds$$$
So I started working with what I have. Metal work is what I love! Im gonna start tomorrow with tearing the front suspension off and fixing the broken shock mounts then work my way back to the rear and make some new shock mounts to suffice till I get another frame built to dig earth with.

This is after I started working on the 454

Not really diggin the Black grill, Figured I'd put it on till I got the other polished to perfection
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