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Post Re: Project "Nether~Storm" 72 swb

Sounds good ~

I assume the cross brace is to keep things aligned as you're driving ? frame flex is a serious problem when you're cornering fast and that beastly big engine is going to put it to the test .

For cheap and easy fuel tank cleaning , go to the Big Box Hwe. Store and look in the flooring dept. for " Jasco Metal Etch " in pint or quart bottles , you'll need about one quart , it's just Phosphoric Acid , you dilute it with 3 gallons of distilled water , pour it in the tank along with all the old nuts & washers you can find , I use BB's , then cap it and shake the bejeebers out of it until your arms fall off then shake it some more , it'll take time but it'll eat ALL the rust away and not damage the good metal .

After a few hours of shaking , pour it all out into a clean plastic pan and marvel at the accumulated crud , rust flakes and so on , strain it through some clean felt (Thrift Store) and put it back in , shake it some more , curse my name out loud but don't quit , after you've done this shake , drain & strain , re fill and repeat a few times , your tank will be as clean as it was in 1967 , no foolin' .

Phosphoric Acid is also the primary ingredient in " Sno-Bol " toilet cleaner @ Wall Mart .

DO NOT let any idiot talk you into using Muriatic Acid ! that's BAD STUFF and it will eat the good metal plus blind you if it gets the chance , Phosphoric Acid cannot hurt you .

Best of all , it's CHEAP and re - usable too ! .

I keep a few plastic milk jugs of it handy for general cleanup of old metal things, rocker boxes and so on .
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