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Re: HEI Questions

Thanks, not insulted Truckster. Been doing a lot of reading and watching videos, trying to learn myself up to speed on this thing...
I pulled the red battery wire and hooked a voltmeter to it, showed ~14v with key in ON position.
Rusty, good point. And a frustrating one. With all the reading I've done it seems it isn't uncommon for people to say they had one or multiple dead modules out of the box. So, was that my problem but I fixed it with a bad part? Do I go buy more and keep trying until I definitively mark it off the list? Still trying to figure that out.

Question: The center button / brush, is it supposed to contact the flat metal conductor that is on top of the rotor? Or is the electricity supposed to arc across a gap between the two? You can't see the connection once they are in place, but it doesn't appear they are going to be able to touch each other. The brush is slightly recessed into the rubber grommet that goes under the coil.

Will probably take it all apart again tonight and go through it again. At least stare at it for awhile and have a beer or two. Maybe something will come to me...

For the good news, at least it's conveniently located.
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