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Re: HEI Questions

Another update. I have officially proclaimed myself a hei distributor expert. That, and a dollar should get me a cup of coffee...
Hard to put into words the time, effort, frustration, number of times I've crushed my plums hanging over the front end trying to reach the distributor. Etc.
I bought a new coil. New rotor. New cap. Disassembled the shaft and removed the pickup coil and tested. I can't very well think of any component I haven't removed, tested, held in my hand and wished really hard.
Pondered all night about just buying a whole new distributor assembly. While it should have certainly fixed my issue, I couldn't stand the thought of not knowing what was wrong and ultimately being beaten by this #(+@ thing.
That being said, I went to AutoZone and bought a module. Then went to advanced Auto and bought a module. Then went to pep boys, they had 2 options, a $30 one and a $12 one. I bought both.
All except for the cheapo were BWD brand, made in good ol 'merica. The cheapo was Chinese. You probably know where this is going. The Chinese was the only one to work in my bench test and ultimately in the Blazer.
I wish I could send BWD a bill.
I bought this Blazer several years ago for as much of a hobby as I did too drive it. Guess I got what I wished for, but man is it frustrating to spend so much blood sweat and tears on parts that are rotten out of the box.

I've read about this problem here and elsewhere over the past week or so. Ultimately, I was struggling to believe the problem was really that widespread and continued to test, inspect and retest and reinspect everything multiple times instead of trying multiple modules.

Hopefully someone with the same issue will read this and be quicker than I was to buy multiple modules and multiple brands. Thanks for everyone's help. Going to go drink now.

Tomorrow I'll start researching setting timing, as for all the times I pulled the distributor my timing is now off. Be careful what you wish for.
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