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Re: My new truck/project '88 Cheyenne 3500.

Dad was cleaning out the oil pan getting ready to paint the engine parts, some very suspicious pieces came out that turned out to be metal.

One: of two scenarios came to mind, one was that they re-used the original oil pan when swapping in the junkyard TBI 350.

Two: something very bad had happened.

Two turned out to be the answer as #5 Piston was in the process of coming apart and #5 & #6 rod bearings had spun. Marks on the top of #5 look like it ingested a wing nut or something similar.

The plan now is a full on rebuild, either of this block, (Which is roller ready) or a 4-bolt main block a neighbor has available.
I still have a few more stupid questions left to be asked.

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