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Re: New high school project! Need help!

Originally Posted by BarryB View Post
It's probably strong enough to handle the power of a 305 V8. J/k your best bet would be to find a tranny and tranfer case from a 5 spd that had a 4.3 V6. Then it would be almost a direct bolt up. as long as the 305, and 4.3 have the same crank flywheel bolt pattern.
This is what I'm collecting parts for my swap. mine 2wd though. I have a 5spd from a 4.3 s10 along with the flywood and everything else attached.

If your doing the swap for more power, look into the 3.4 v6 swap. then all your tranny stuff will bolt up. theres alot info about that over on the site. But be prepared there not as nice as the guys on this board.
J/k as in just kidding? lol

and the stock tranny and t-case is probally all i can do right now due to my high school budget, i might just rebuild the stock 2.8 thats sitting in the back of it locked up

and if i did decide to do that 305 swap, besides the 4.3 tranny and t-case would i need anything else? (such as crossmember, driveshaft, ect.)

and would the 4.3 t-case mount up in the stock location of the stock t-case?

Srry ya'll i'm still a beginner at all this lol
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