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Re: New high school project! Need help!

Originally Posted by culp7 View Post
J/k as in just kidding? lol

and the stock tranny and t-case is probally all i can do right now due to my high school budget, i might just rebuild the stock 2.8 thats sitting in the back of it locked up

and if i did decide to do that 305 swap, besides the 4.3 tranny and t-case would i need anything else? (such as crossmember, driveshaft, ect.)

and would the 4.3 t-case mount up in the stock location of the stock t-case?

Srry ya'll i'm still a beginner at all this lol
Yes on the J/K thing. far as I can tell you not moving the trans,or t case. so your crossmembers driveshafts should be the same. I know the 2wd drive is the same. basic bolt in.
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