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Re: New high school project! Need help!

Originally Posted by Damien View Post
I'm guessing you have a T-5. If so, you can swap the bell housing and clutch parts for V8 parts. You will have to make the hydrolic clutch work with the older bell housing or convert to a mechanical throw out bearing. I think the 305 manifolds are what guys used before there were swap parts.
I was going to suggest that also, but was thinking it would probably be easier for him to find the 4.3 stuff. Now if can find a wrecked 4.3 truck/blazer he can, granting he has the t-5 .can swap the bellhousings, and workings from from it, then he shouldn't have to worry about the hydralic slave cylinder because it will already be there. the real plus would be to doing that way, is it wouldn't have to be a 4wd.
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