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1960 wiring questions

On my '60 Suburban, I've yanked out the old 350 that had points, I dropped in a different rebuilt, 1974 block, which will have HEI. I'm basically going back through and trying to clean up all the cut wires, crusty harness(s), etc and running new wires. The problem is there are wires I don't need, wires that were cut/spliced/etc, so the diagrams are somewhat helpful, but not totally.

To the starter 'S' terminal I believe that's the purple wire, which is still there I believe. It goes back to the ignition switch when the key is in the 'start' position, correct?

I don't believe I use the 'R' terminal, but one diagram I have shows a feed from that going to an internal coil distributor(which isn't that the same as the HEI?). Do I do this or not? First time I've seen it.

For the HEI, the RED wire will go back to 12+ always on power from the ignition switch, correct?

The green to the tach, which I don't have yet, but will add later, so it'll get wired into the plug at the firewall.

As for the alternator, I currently have the two wire style, but will probably upgrade once I start adding things back in like a radio, etc... On that I'll have more questions , but from the diagram I'm looking at it appears I'll run a heavy gauge (fuseable link?) wire from the battery terminal side of the starter(or + terminal post if I add one?) to the back of the alternator. I'll also run the red wire from the 2 plug terminal on alt to the battery terminal spot on alt and then what is labeled as brown from this will go back to the dash, to what I'm presuming is the gauge in the dash. I have both a guage and the idiot light, should I/can I use both? Anything special to wire in or do I just run the wire there....something mentioned a resistor if not using idiot light.

What I am somewhat confused on is the horn relay and where that comes into play. Again, I have the diagrams, but not sure they were followed last time when it was converted to a 350.

As for wire sizes, I think I can easily find that, but if you have recommendations that is great. I think 12gauge is what the factory used on the HEI's in '74 and a 10amp fuse. I doubt I need that much for the tach side, should 14 suffice? For the 'S' wire on starter, the oil, temp, etc, it appears the diagrams show 20g wire, because I don't want to buy a bunch of different gauge/colors of wires, I'll likely run 14 or 16, unless any of those need heavier.

I'll probably be back for advice in a few other areas, as I want to add a neutral safety, back up lights, etc...
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