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Re: 1960 wiring questions

A few other wiring questions have come up, but I might have to supplement this with a follow up on phone to add the pics.

I have what is called a Flarestat Model 105 Signal-Stat. A quick google search seems to show it being for the hazards, but all it seems to do is work the Voltmeter lights and most of the lights have been cut on the back. I'll keep searching for a wiring diagram for it. The curious part is why they would use that to control the light on the Voltmeter vs just tying into the harness controlling the rest of the lights. I don't think it works the hazards any longer, as I have the turn signal mounted to the column.

There is a white 'resistor' or something mounted under the dash, but it is not hooked up....was this in fact a resistor of sorts and used with the old generator? Can it be removed and is it worth anything to anyone?

Then there is the mess of wires on a harness that appears to go nowhere and most of the wires were cut.

What about the flasher, I installed switchback LED's for the front park/turn lights. I know I need to replace the flasher, I have one or two flashers being used? I have one that is definitely a flasher, but it's hanging. Obviously not original. When I was looking up under the dash, I noticed a 3 prong connector is that where it would go? All the wires were cut to it, but if that is for the flasher, maybe I can salvage it and clean up the hanging one. What about the silver object in the original fuse panel....what is that? At first I figured it was the flasher, but I'm not so sure.
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