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Re: 1960 wiring questions

I'm also a bit curious about the electric choke. I see talk about any HOT wire when engine is running. I also see talk about oil sensor, not oil sensor, oil sensor is one wire, so that's out I believe. The next is to run off the field wire on the alt, but it appears that becomes a more complex circuit, in that I'd be dealing with more wires and having to place a relay. If that's the best way, I'm up for that. Other talk is regarding the wiper power...but I actually have no clue if those have power, or if their wiring can handle an additonal load.

Next I've never gotten an answer on the HEI 12v+ wire. I was told 12 gauge wire, tied to the pink wire, but that pink wire is NOT 12 gauge, I believe it's only 18. Is that going to pose a problem or shall I replace it all the way back?
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