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Re: 1960 wiring questions

In the above pictures, if you see the pull switch next to the battery condition gauge, that appears to turn on the light for battery gauge and, though I haven't actually confirmed due to other issues that have the battery unhooked due to, the parking lights. Why the heck would they use this switch for that?

I am following a thread somewhere talking about how the park lights were just that until about '68, when they became more of a running light as well and thus people are jumping the wires in the main light switch to convert the pre '68 trucks to a running light, where the parks are on with the headlights as well. Maybe this was a solution of sorts for this. It's a sweet looking switch in my opinion as it lights up when power is on, but seems like redundancy. Any other reason for this switch? If not, I'll try to pull it out.
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