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Re: Are you guys as disappointed with 07 and up chevy trucks as i am?

Well let me think........For the most part now a days, my answer would be that I`m happy with my late 07, 126000 mile nbs. I purchased mine new with 40 miles on her in 07. Now I`ll give an overview. I have had the mirror issue but it was repaired, I had an issue with the grill with the chrome peeling, replaced no problem. I do have the dash cracking/splitting issue but it didn`t happen until it had 90,000 or so. I`ve had 2 major issues 1- the sun roof, my truck was one of the first built with the sun roof. It leaked and leaked, it was at the dealer, leaked, leaked, etc. Well the dealer kept it for a couple of weeks an engineer came in, we talked and the stamping process had an issue with not cleaning out chips, clogging the roof drains. O.K. repaired. Next major issue... rear gears, at 83K It needed the rear pinion/gears/bearings replaced due to whining, well at 94K I took it back in for the same issue, low and behold the service writer stated that the factory had used inferior parts, so no cost, I had the extended warranty and powertrain covered it anyway. Fuel mileage is ok, drivability still good. Really one shouldn`t complain much as my wife`s 2010 GMC Acadia is truly a piece of crap, many recalls, trips for repairs, and I`m on week 6 waiting for a backordered sensor. I need it to make it until next year and then it`ll go away. Maybe I`ll go Jeep Grand Cherokee. Peace Dale
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