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Re: Are you guys as disappointed with 07 and up chevy trucks as i am?

I just stumbled on this thread while searching for info on gms 6 speed trans. And as to the question on the 07 and up gm trucks I had an 08 gmc. I've only owned 2 lemon trucks in my life the rest I was very pleased with and I've bought a lot over the years. My 1986 gave me a fair amount of trouble. Engine rear end brakes etc etc. But my 08 was the worst disaster for a truck I've ever owned.
Transfer case engine ever seal that could leak did. Air leaks bad steering bad brakes the list goes on and on. First time in my life I was going to jump the fence and go ram. figured if I bought a dodge the lord may struck me dead after all the comments I've made over the years about Ford and dodge. So I ordered a 2015 2500 crew and thought if this ones bad maybe it will be time to change. I absolutely love this truck 94000 Kms on it and its superior to the 08. I'm as happy as a clam.
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