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Re: TH350 input shaft tabs

Originally Posted by Nima View Post
So, The shop is quoting me $250-350 to fix it depend upon if only the gear need to be replaced or if they have to swap the whole gear pump! They say if I forced the torque converter to break the tabs, could have damaged other component as well. This sounds steep to me
So, my question is if the whole pump assembly needs to be replaced, is it like removing this one and put the other one back in, or there is more into it? I see the gear pump repair kit (including all the seals and gaskets) are $33 at transdepot, and rebuilt gear pumps are $150 on ebay? Any opinion?
Always get another estimate, seems a bit steep to me too. The pump stator and pump body could of been damaged from the pump gears being damaged. Replacing the entire pump you need to make sure the end play in the trans is correct...the stators are different, some require a torrington bearing and some take a thrust washer. We are here to help.....
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