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Re: 8.8 Mustang Disc Brake Rearend

try this site, it has some info on the ford diff. disregard some of it because it is about fitting into old maverics or falcons,but it does have some info on the mustang or explorer diff widths.
depending on how narrow you need the offset diff can be narrowed some by taking an offset unit, pulling the long tube out and replacing it with a short tube from another diff. that way you are still using a stock axle etc. they are held in with a pressed in plug apparently. you would want to make up a jig for the diff to sit in so you get everything dead on but that isn't too tough if you have some scrap laying around or if you are close to a scrap dealer who sells steel by the pound. you can take it back after you are done and gain some costs back.

an offset diff from a ranger may also work because they were narrower for some models. the offset isn't that big of a deal anyway unless it interferes with something already in place.

be aware that some specs are from the tire centre line not the wheel mounting flanges.
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