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Re: Salvage Parts! Which Ones Do You Use?

I use scrap yards all the time. I'm currently looking for a set of four temporary spares 175-90/17 for my '36 Plymouth. I just sent a tech out to a yard to get an engine harness for a 2013 van to repair accident damage. Earlier this year I bought front calipers and brackets from a 2013 Silverado and steering knuckles from a 2003 Astrovan to install larger brakes in my '99 Suburban. I also bought a master cylinder from a 71 Camaro although that was cheaper to buy new than to rebuild used.

I do buy some used stuff off Ebay but the prices are not good like they used to be. In many cases it's cheaper to call a yard and buy the parts directly, even if it involves paying for shipping.
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