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Re: Chevy Sport Truck questions

Let me clear some things up, my uncle worked at GM and i've been researching this.

The GMC "sierra ST" was what they had before they had the "sierra GT", the last year of the ST was 91, 92+ were all GT and had door stickers,painted sport mirrors, color matched grille,bumper, molding with color accents, ...

The "Sport" "Sierra GT" "Sierra ST" trucks were all available with 4.3,5.0 or 5.7 engines and NONE OF them were "HO", auto or 5 speed, most of the time they had decent gearing.

It was simply a exterior package, most did not roll out of the factory with these packages UNLESS you got the ZQ9 rpo, APPEARANCE PACKAGE, EXTERIOR TRIM, BLACK OUT. Then you know it was factory black out. Dealers would have to order or a customer would have to order then they would take a truck and print and apply the appropiate RPO code sheet in the glovebox... hard to explain. it was an attention grabber

BYP got you the "sport appearence" and ZQ9 was exterior trim blackout, the 454ss has both, so do the BLACK sport trucks with black grille/bumper.

You guys are also forgetting the "sport suspension" chassis package which is RPO NON byp sport truck has the ZQ8 because my truck has the factory billstein shocks and sway bars with 3.42 posi rear. I'm willing to bet the sport suspension got you 3.42's in 5 speeds and 3.73's behind autos because thats usually what i see in sport trucks.

My truck is a NON SPORT NON GT GMC, and has buckets,sport suspension, 350 and 5 speed with factory 3.42 posi G80 rear. Shortbed 2wd. the BYP sport appearence package is not listed on my 91 but its a GMC not a chevy so it would'nt be, so I think my truck was originally a regular well optioned truck with a chrome bumper/grille but the PO converted my front end to all black because it has a smoothie bumper and the truck has no molding/trim.

Theres a member on FSC that has a 92 chevy sport 4x4 with Z71 suspension and it has a 305/700r4/3.73 g80.. here it is below...

Here is a 89 Sport 4x4 with 350/700r4/3.73.... NOTICE instead of saying sport it says 4X4 with the rest of the sport package, the owner is on and did the wheels and the 94+ grille mod.

The truck below is a 90 Sport, 350/5 speed/3.42 .... see the fog lights, the mirrors, the molding accented, the grille,

Heres a 90 ''Sierra ST'' Stepside, 350/700r4..below

93 GMC sierra GT 4x4 below

Heres a 96 Green Sierra GT.. looks like someone added the chrome aftermarket grille shell,, never factory. .. below

Heres a 93 GMC sierra GT, 350/5 speed... was forsale. see ad-

Heres a 94 Chevy blazer sport, my buddy has one.


Heres a local truck forsale, 94 GMC Yukon GT 350/60e 4x4... color matched from factory in all colors

Heres a green one, they were all 2 doors,

Mine- '91 GMC RCSB 2wd, 350tbi, 5 speed, 3.42 G80

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