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Re: S10 Swap how to

Next I mock the running board up, bolting the rear to the fender, and blocking below my new lower brackets. It's important to be sure that your board is on the same plane as your cab floor and bed rail! Also, check the gap between the splash guard and the back of the cab. should be about 3/8". The running board should be parallel to the bottom of the door from front to rear as well.

Once it's mocked up, I verify my templates fit between the lower bracket and the frame (pic 2 is of the templates). If this is your first build, you'll have to make them. I used strips of 1.5" poster board, then notched the lower end, and angled the upper end to match my frame.

Once your templates are made, trace them onto 1.5" square tube, cut them out, and fit them to the mocked up running board. I tack the lower side, then pull the board off to seam weld the joint (pic 3). Then re-mock up your running board, double check all the critical fitment areas, and weld your angled brackets to the frame. Finished product should look like pic 4. I just finished running boards on this truck yesterday, it's about a 4 hour process.

I buy a 20ft stick of 11ga. 1.5" steel, it's just right for 2 49.5" bed cross sills, and has enough left to finish the running boards as well. Cheers!
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