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Rebel Wire Harness info

Just wanted to start a thread for our Rebel Wire kits. Just in case anyone had any questions or needed any tech help. I know sometimes we all dread calling tech lines for the fear of asking a dumb question or someone being rude (to put it nicely). We don't do that, but I figured here was a place to put some tech and answer some questions if they arise. I'm also trying to put this on other forums so if you need something soon, just email, call, pm, or any of the many other ways to get in touch with us! 423-263-5399 There is also a lot of tech and diagrams on our Facebook and Instagram pages.
I'll try to add to this as I can. Here's a picture of our 16 circuit kit to get started. This is probably the most common kit we sell for Chevy trucks with a few added upgrades

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