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Recent questions answered. Please Read.

  • I can not change my email address or I get a message stating the admins have banned my email address
This is due to spam. We have several email carriers we no longer allow on the site. The most problematic recently is gmail. Unfortunately due to the large amount of spam registrations we receive using gmail addys, gmail is not an allowed email any longer.
We still allow hotmail, yahoo, msn and many other free service emails.

  • I have yahoo and do not receive subscription notices or update emails.
Yahoo (and many other email carriers) have strict spam mail filters. Check your spam settings and add the site url to your allowed email list. Otherwise it is likely being bounced and or deleted as spam.

  • I keep getting logged out of the site. I log in, and it signs me right out.
This can be many things.. We will list a few here.
  1. Ensure you are using the proper site address. This site is located at . It is not Though either will work, you are likely to have issues using anything other than
  2. Does your browser have cookies enabled?
  3. Did you check the remember me box when logging in. If not your session will time out after a set amount of time.
  4. Are you using AOL's browser? If so, switch to a real one. Internet explorer, FireFox and Opera are all viable options.

  • I changed my email and or password and can not post now.
Anytime you change part of your profile you must verify it for security reasons. An email is dispatched anytime you change your account. You must verify the change in that email, or you will get locked out of your account.

  • At times when I try to attach pictures, I get a token error.
This should not happen often after the server upgrade is complete. If it does, simply resize your pictures to 640x480 or smaller and try again. This usually fixes the issue.

The other major factor in token errors, is outdated browsers. If your browser is not up to date, expect to get random errors.

  • I can not search!

From time to time search is turned off. We try not to do this often, but at times it is needed. If search is not working for you, we are not singling you out, but rather dealing with a site issue. Check the site feedback and announcements area for information if you can not search.

  • I have been double billed for my subscription.

Please check your paypal account. When subscribing you have the choice to auto renew, or not to. You can cancel a recurring subscription at anytime in your paypal account. You can also Private Message Josh with the information if you have any questions.

If you have been double billed, please let us know. We can refund your account, or credit your subscription. Please do not file a claim. If you do, then it becomes an issue and most times feelings get hurt on the user end. If you simply tell us, we will take care of it for you.

A few other random thoughts and comments

~ If you use a business email addy, and you send out auto notices.. please do not subscribe to things. We have to wade through so many needless emails daily. The majority of them are "out of the office replies". If Joe Blow subscribes to every thread he posts on.. then goes out of town.. We get out of office replies to all of his subscriptions.. gets old quick.
At times when it is an issue, we do shut off all notifications on the users account.

~ If you feel like you have had a good or bad dealing with someone. Please post about it. We have the review area, and bad deal area for this purpose. Many folks say, well I do not want to post about it. That just makes it harder on us. If you post in review or bad deals, the Admin staff is notified of the post and can review it. If you do not, the chances of us being able to step in and help dramatically reduces.

~ Please remember this is a community. At the time of this posting there are just shy of 60k members. We may not all agree, and we may not like change and growth at times. We do however share the passion for our hobby. Please try to be respectful of others, try to work together, and enjoy your stay here. If you have a concern or comment, then contact us via PM to discuss them.
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