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Re: Recent questions answered. Please Read.

Just a suggestion as I am seeing this for the first time. When I was trying to sign up using my gmail account for the first time I kept getting a message stating that my email account was banned. I wondered why I was banned as I had never been on the site before. If it is changeable it would be better to say that your email address has been banned or your email provider is not accepted on this forum or something so that the user signing up will catch on sooner. After not getting in after trying a bunch of times over a few days, I tried my work email which got me signed up.

The unfortunate part of all of this is because you do not support gmail, I had to use my business account. This sucks because I just read that you don't want business account users to use the subscription feature. So now I have to either a) make a bogus email account that will forward to my actual account if I want to use the subscription feature, or b) live without a useful feature of the forums. If it is possible I think an exception table to permit use of only approved gmail accounts would be the best idea. I am not a forum administrator so I don't know of what can/can't be done but I imagine a large amount of users own gmail accounts as most of my friends do for their primary account and would also enjoy this ability. Either way these are just my few thoughts on this. I love the forums. Thanks for making it available for us all to enjoy.
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