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Re: Recent questions answered. Please Read.

Originally Posted by Liz View Post
This is a template change that has been discussed. I agree it is worded goofy in the default form. I get more email asking that daily, then anything else.

I think you misunderstood. There is nothing wrong with using a business email etc. It has no bearing on your account. Advertising a business on the site does. If your not advertising the company, there is no issue.

I would think the better choice yet would be. c) message a staff member and discuss your concerns. Then you would not be misinformed

Simple explanation, not intended rude etc.. no way to much work. To have to manually edit accounts, figure out if the account holder is a good standing member or a potential spammer etc, would be an added job. Just not feasible at this time, nor is it something I would even want to have to do on top of the other site work.
Makes sense Liz. I do imagine you get a ton of messages on the subject. I know I messaged an admin when signing up here as well. I also realize that it would be a lot of work to manually add account holders as well. I was more speaking on the possibility of having an automated process be able to have the account holder manually verify their own account without wasting the admin's time. Thanks for the other clarifications as well. I just thought I would post up my thoughts since I finally saw this post.
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