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Question 2000 GMC front hub bearing fight

I need to replace the left front hub on my truck. It's 2 wheel drive. We have been trying to do it from the ground. We jacked up the truck and removed the wheel, the caliper, and the rotor. We then removed the 3 bolts and disconnected the wire. As you can expect the hub is pretty locked in there. We were using a hammer at first but it wouldn't budge. We then tried a 5 lb sledge and still no go. We sacrificed the rotor and bolted if on backwards and beat on it for a while still nothing. So we put it back together and parked it for now. I talked to a friend at a local shop and he told me that it's going to be a fight and we just need to keep beating the hell out of it. He said we can't hurt it, it's going to take a lot of brute force. We are not mechanics. I was hoping to be able to do this on my own though. Before we put it back together, we saturated it in WD40 hoping that would help. Anyone have any advice/tricks I can try to get this removed? My friend offered me his lift but it's an hour an a half away and I'd rather not drive it that far especially after the beating we put on it.
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