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Re: 2000 GMC front hub bearing fight

So the hammer didn't work ! The rubber mallet didn't work ! The slide hammer was a no go ! I was going to try the 357 Magnum but decided against that ! So I went to good old Youtube. There was a redneck fella that said to grab a long extension and a socket. First he said to put the bottom 2 bolts back in part way and then he said to put the socket and extension on a bolt and find a spot on the frame to brace the extension and turn the wheel. Since I couldn't line it up on the frame, I put a pry bar between the frame and the extension and turned the wheel like he said. Well it destroyed the socket but it worked enough that I was able to use my chisels and tap it the rest of the way out ! Everything went back together much easier and I drove around on it for the rest of the day and nothing fell off or caught fire so I am good to go ! ! ! Thank you for your help ! Next is a full tune up and replacing all the O2 sensors. She got 207000 miles on her so she deserves some love.
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