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Re: The Diffference between the 67-72 Chevy Trucks

Power steering in 1967 was a ram-style system.
The design of the ignition switch bezel was unique to 1967.
At least through 1968, throttle was controlled through mechanical linkage rather than a cable.
Small journal 327 offered in 1967.
Large journal 327 offered in 1968-69 only
and were all 2 bolt main blocks.
SBC 350's replaced the 327 in 1970.
1967-68 bench seats offered full-depth foam and a tip-forward design
and the 1968 Custom package could include a cloth interior
and padded door panels.
Armrests changed to full depth style in 1968.

I think 1968 was the first offering of two speed wipers standard(?)

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