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Re: 72 k20 project

Originally Posted by brimc View Post
Very nicely done
I likes it allot!

Originally Posted by 70custom20 View Post
I know I posted a couple of weeks ago, but I just found the diesel conversion section of this board recently. This section still doesn't seem like it's easy to get to for some reason though?? Again, great engineering, layout, fabrication, welding, the whole nine yards. I keep threatening to pull my '69 K20 apart and redo it, but I don't really have the time or the space to do it right now. I'll have to get active on my photobucket account and post some pics of the truck. I started on it in '95 when I was 22, and I got the truck on the road in '97. I was pretty new to doing any sort of frame off project, and I was just learning how to MIG weld, etc...... Now that I'm older (which has it's goods and bads, lol) I'm more picky with what I want, but I'm a little more talented in basic metal fab, but nowhere near your level. I wouldn't know where to begin with a Cummins swap into one of these trucks. I'm on page 33 of this thread, do you have any idea of what type of torque this engine will produce? Keep up the great work, you're an artist. Kurt
Thanks for reading along! i have definitely learned along the way with this one. it my first project of this magnitude for sure. of course it changed paths along the way a few times... haha

we all love pics, so be sure to post up a thread with some! especially K20's

some front link fab work. the lowers and the tires were all in the same space at the edges of the steering, so some things had to be done.

it uses a fixed bushing end on the frame side. uses the same big poly bushing that is on the rear links and the front uppers. they are from ballistic fab. the axle sides are ruffstuff 1.25" rod ends. the lower link is made from 1.75"x.250" wall DOM for the bent tube and it copes into a stub of 2"x.250" wall DOM with the tube adaper welded in. clears the tires with just enough room i could probably run a little wider tire. but not much.

72 K20 12v build
72 K20 "parts truck"

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