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Re: 72 k20 project

Ryan, I have to agree with everyone else that those welds look absolutely great. Steady hand, right amount of filler wire on each dip, etc..... I do some Tig welding at work, I'm a Steamfitter (Pipefitter) most of the time I'm stick welding though. I have two welders at home, a Millermatic 175 MIG, and a Lincoln 175 square wave AC/DC that do a decent job for what I neex to do. I wish I was better at welding on aluminum, but I just don't do it often enough. I have been told that the newer machines like the Miller dynasty are a dream to weld with. Anyway, just when I think some of my freehand TIG welds look good, I look at guys like you and I'm reminded that I'm average at best. Kurt
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