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Re: K20/K30's only! Pics please :)

Love this thread.

3 k20's I've saved from scrapper and one Cheyenne teeitup saved for me. All hauled in since march of this year. Red one is interesting. It's factory 292 with tach and no-spin, originally white with green interior.
Attached Images

67 GMC K1500 Custom- 305V6 SM420, PTO, Ram Assist, yellow (the outcast) (project period correct upgrades)
67 GMC C2500 351V6 TH400, AC, PS, PB (can't decide what to do with. Update, decided to keep and will restore )
86 CHV K30 502 th400, apple red NEW
71 CHV K20 350 SM465, ochre (saved work truck)
71 CHV K20 292 SM465, white, tach, PTO, (future project)
72 CHV K20 350 350th, medium blue (project stocker)
01 CHV K2500hd crew, indigo blue

^3 dont run and the others don't see winter either
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