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Smile 67 AC/Heater ???????'s

Hello Everyone,
Really excited about finding this site. I got a 67 C10 LB w/ sm back window. Been working on it for about 4 months now. The guy i got it from basically just cut everything out and started tearing down the truck. I now got the truck running finally. Just have to fix heat issue and temp guage, and everything will be working correctly agian. So I have slowly been learning all kinds of new stuff. It was originally a AC truck. Now has early 70's 305 in it. Ac compressor was deleted, and nothing was wired or hooked up. I just want to make sure the truck has heat/defrost, not worried about AC for now. I found a wiring diagram, and now have it blowing out of the box. MY problem is no vent/defrost hoses in place, so i don't know which hose is supposed to go were? and which port on box? I know outside air is controlled with vacuum. Of course no vac hoses any where. Does anyone know of a good site, i can get a diagram on vacuum lines, and something showing me what vent/defrost hoses go where? I would GREATLY appreciate any advice of what i need to do or unhook to make sure truck just has heat/defrost outside vent/air, and doesn't burn down. LOL I know probally sounds lil dumb. I can turn a wrench, but wouldn't call myself no master mec....

A big TY to everyone for there time..
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