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Re: Ok Boys and Girls it's Storytime

I was brainwashed by my first wife and we decided to get married after we graduated in may of 84 . But I made sure the truck got painted before that (we all have keep our priorities straight dont we ?). This is the same color blue that is still on it today .If you look behind the truck you will see the garage apartment we lived in ( I had to sneek parts in becuase the little wife didnt like me spending money) I ended up raising my daughter by myself till she was five . I would put her to bed at night and then go down to the garage . Dont worry I could hear her feet through the floor lol....Oh and do you ask about the wife ? Well all i can say is I still have the truck .......

NHRA Super Street 469C
It only runs 10.90 at 156 mph
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