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Re: 72 GMC 4x4 Build

Update, So I picked up a 70 Chevy 4x4 Shortbed frame from a member. It was in decent shape but it needed a little work, here are some pics of it and of me dropping it off at the frame guy. I am a little lost on the exact frame dimensions but I found an old service manual on the forum and am going to go with those numbers, I am pretty sure I have the right dimensions. The frame guy seemed to think it was no big deal to straighten it out so hopefully I catch a little break on it price wise. My really beat up frame is going to get bent back in place as soon as this one is done and I am going to see what is the best one to use. Whatever one is left I will either sell or use for a second build of another future 4x4 shortbed as that frame (aside from the front end damage) is a very good frame, very straight and clean.

I'll post some more pics once I get it back from media blasting and powder coating, enjoy.

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