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Re: 1972 K-20, The Green Truck Project

Had a bit of a scare with the Green Truck this spring.

My storage place is in small town run by good-ol-boy who doesn't use computer, or mailings...he just calls when my rent is due. I moved to the new acreage last summer, and pulled my boat out of storage in March. It was the weekend, so his weekend crew was there...couple of old crusty guys...they really loved my old Green Truck and offered to buy it. I said no.

Gave them my updated phone and address from the move, and paid up on the truck's stall / rent. Figured the owner would call when I needed to send more $$$.

Days got away from me, and in July thought I had better drive down there and make payment. In on a Saturday and the weekend crew was there. When I said was there to make payment on the Green Truck they said, "Wow, we were about to sieze your truck. We have sent three certified letters and tried calling you...nothing."

I gently reminded them of my visit in March, picking up a boat, and giving them new address and phone...they didn't remember...

So I called and got the truck out of there within the hour.

It's been sitting in my driveway since...waiting for the shop and mezzanine.
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