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Re: "I Hate When That Happens"

Super glue - dangerous in my house!
Event #1 - in the process of glueing an emblem back on the car fender, I put the tube in my teeth to pull off the cap, forgetting how tightly I was holding the tube. Major explosion of super glue in my mouth! Tongue was immediately stuck to the inside of my upper molars. Bloody, sore tongue after several minutes of trying to pull it off my teeth. Eating, drinking and talking was a challenge for several days after that.
Event # 2 - I get a frantic call at work from my wife, telling me that she had accidently super glued her finger to the wall thermostat cover while she was trying to glue a broken piece back on. She was afraid to dislodge her stuck finger because of all the skin that was going to tear off. Don't know what she thought I could do about it, but I ran home to help. When I got there, she was standing there with her bloody finger in her mouth. She says "next time, you do the super gluing!" Like I can be trusted with stuff?? Hate it when that happens!!!
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