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Re: Good riddance...

Originally Posted by special-K View Post
Stop and go traffic was around in '72. Makes me wonder how I managed to do just that in so many trucks and how big rigs get the products we need to where we buy them. They wouldn't still be offered if they had no place on today's modern congested roads. We all have our tolerances, some much lower than others. My son has no problem in his 6spd X-runner and neither did my ex-wife in every vehicle she owned until the last one she left in. My other son and my daughter all drove manuals for their first cars. My daughter lived in Denver where there is no congestion
It just comes down to what one will tolerate or has to tolerate when driving, really. Yes? Driving an automatic in stupid traffic made sense to me at the time. I suspect that the traffic where you are might be a little less stupid...or maybe a lot less. I know that when I lived in Idaho, the driving was a lot less stupid, but that was in the mid-'70s. Now that all those California prunes are moving up there,it's gonna get stupid, bet you money.
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