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Re: Good riddance...

Originally Posted by weim55 View Post
I’ve lived on the front range in Colorado all my life and parts of it weren’t too different from living in New Mexico as far as the traffic goes. Then Colorado passed legal recreational marijuana........ it was like a buffalo stampede of people moving here from every corner of the nation. Now Denver and the front range is tasting the style of traffic in Southern California. It’s completely ruined the quality of living here. New Mexico is looking like a better place for me and my old iron every day ............

Steve weim55 Colorado
I hear that loud and clear Durango is a friggen mess anymore. It’s such a pretty place but the pot heads have really brung it down. New Mexico is a nice place, it’s pretty quiet and there’s lots of good people, food and scenic desert views. We like the outdoor life style, jump in a truck or Jeep drive to the top of a mountain and camp for a week type of thing, so we really like it down here. I don’t agree with the predominant political culture but as long as they leave me and my guns, and the oil fields that let me provide for my family alone I won’t complain too much.

Tim, thanks for posting that picture of home. As you know I was fortunate enough to grow up 5 miles south of Harpers Ferry on VA-671 (Harpers Ferry Rd.) The waterfall that is almost across from the gas station at 340-671 is really cool, my kids love to go down there. The creek that feeds it ran right by the house I grew up in. Such an amazing place, to this day it’s my New Mexican wife’s favorite place. We go at least once a year. The ghost tours that start at the church in the picture are pretty fun and they include lots of interesting history Lessons too. I sure do miss THAT part of the area and points to the west in the Shenandoah Valley, east... meh... not missing much there.
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