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'97 Chevy Tahoe (2dr/2wd) mild custom

Figured I'd start a thread for my Hoe. A little back ground info first:

I purchased it from fellow member Sydwayz (aka Brian), who is(was) a more routine member on I came across the Tahoe while doing a search on FSC. I posted in a thread about a 2dr Hoe I found on Auto Trader. Amongst the forum discussion, Brian mentioned he'd consider selling his. At the time, I had a '93 S-10 that I was trying to sell. I couldn't make any moves until it sold. However, I went ahead and got a little background info from Brian just in case I'd have the opportunity to buy the Hoe. Since it wasn't being advertised (only offered to me), that worked out great. Luckily for me, my S-10 ended up selling in early January 2013. I called up Brian soon after to discuss more in-depth. After acquiring more detailed pics & continued conversation, I felt comfortable enough to strike a potential deal. My wife and I rented a van to help with hauling extra parts, & we headed off on a road trip to Virginia. Upon arrival, I found the Hoe to look just as great as I'd hoped. After the test drive & look-over, there wasn't much question as to whether it was coming home with me to SC! Brian & his girlfriend were such hospitable folks. He even put us up for the night at Marriott & let me store the Hoe in his shop overnight. The next day my wife and I picked up the Hoe & set out on our return trip to Charleston. At the time we left, the Hoe had approximately 71,500 original miles.

It might not be much of a build thread considering this is my daily driver, but I'll try to document any changes that are made. I don't really have any extreme plans since most of the hard work has been done. I just plan to do a few subtle things to "make it my own."

Here's a couple older threads Brian had posted to give you a little more info:

Leaving VA, headed for it's new home in SC:

My Build threads:
1966 Chevy C-10 "Black Betty"

shortbed, fleetside, BBW, 327 V8/ Powerglide (under construction)

1997 Chevy Tahoe, 2dr/2wd, mild custom (Daily driver)

'66 C-10
'97 Tahoe
'93 C-1500
'88 S-10 Blazer

Previous Rides:
1993 Chevy S-10 ext. cab, 4.3L, 4/5 drop (Sold)
1993 Chevy C-1500 short/step Retro-Rod (Sold)
1988 S-10 Blazer 2dr/2wd mild custom (Sold)

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