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Laying frame on stock radius arms


I installed a full step notch and as i knew would happen the trailing arm now hits the frame not allowing for it all to be used.

Knowing this ahead of time but still being hard headed i have been reading and searching for odd ball ways people have gotten around this but being hard headed i wanted to see exactly how it would sit with a ***** installed without any major modifications to frame or arms.

With the notch as it is i need 6 1-2Ē more for the frame to sit on the ground.

My initial idea and one i have seen done a few ways is to just do a mega notch not and extend it out to where it avoids the trailing arm all together. Wonít be a major project and would help keep things simple. itís also not the best looking setup but would be covered by the bed and fit my budget needs.

I understand that a complete 4 link or the likes would be the best option but unless someone wants to buy one for me itís not a option for me due to money. What i do however have is the ability to weld and plenty of time.

(I also donít understand suspension geometry enough to attempt making my own links)

I am going to attach a picture of me holding up a template of what i am thinking. But i want to hear other ideas or things you have seen or possibly recommendations on a link setup that wouldnít be insainly hard for the intellectually inclined fellow.
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