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Re: Sarge's rattle-can rebuild

The junkyard gods smiled on me last summer, I found a K5 at the pick-n-pull that hadn't been gone over yet and it had a Rancho 2.5" suspension on it. I recognized it because I put one on a K5 I had back in the 90's. A little work and $75 made it mine, and I got some other goodies off that truck as well. But I've had some other stuff going on that have kept me from wrenching much at all in 2013, so it sat, but I've rounded that corner and can play with trucks again.

Today I put the wire wheel on the grinder to freshen up the front springs and shackles. I obviously didn't blow apart the spring packs, but hey, they'll look better. I should be able to install this shortly.
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