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Re: Sarge's rattle-can rebuild

Originally Posted by crashz View Post
Looks good! The lift and tires will really change the personality of the truck.

BTW - love the concrete test cylinder wall!
Thanks, and yeah, cars aren't the only thing that come with weird PO mods.

Originally Posted by 48cj2a View Post
Great work!

Your labor is bringing back some ambition in working on mine again but we've got nearly a foot of snow on the ground in Central Illinois and temps have been in the teens.

Can wait for Spring here and keep up the good work!!!
Thanks man. I'm looking forward to "top gone" weather myself.

I'd previously got busy with the pressure washer under the truck and followed up with a bunch of cans of satin black rattle can. It was a big improvement at the time, but I'm trying to detail it a little better while I'm working under the truck. Today was a little too cold to paint anything so I went to work with the grinder and wire wheel. I also smoked my old grinder and finished the day with a new one. Tomorrow will be warm enough to paint some more. I'll get some pics then.

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