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LS engine swap into 1966 c10; fuel tank install

I'm trying to address the issue of fuel delivery to my '66 c10 in an LS swap. I will use a '94 s10 fuel tank (fits nicely between the frame rails) and I want to use an in-tank LS fuel pump. I have read that the LS motors require 58 psi and none of the earlier EFI pumps will produce this pressure. Has anyone mated an LS fuel pump to an earlier sending unit? I like to use factory parts, and will only use an aftermarket inline pump and filter as a last resort. Maybe there is a factory LS sending unit with pump that will drop in to the s10 tank. Or maybe there is an LS fuel tank that will fit between the frame rails. All the LS tanks I have seen will not fit. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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