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Re: LS engine swap into 1966 c10; fuel tank install

Ram153624 & Gabe 2000 and everyone else,

I found a great web page that can help us in our quest to use factory parts to build the truck that we want. All fuel tanks come with either a sending unit or a combo sending unit/fuel pump. As you change from carb, to TBI, to TPI, to MPFI, to DI we need to increase pressure & pump volume.

All tanks also come with a lock ring to seal the sending unit or sending unit/fuel pump combo into the tank. If the lock ring on the new tank matches the lock ring on your old tank- your parts will interchange ( you may need to adjust for tank depth).

Dorman Products makes replacement lock rings. This page captures the info on lock rings and tanks by model & year. If you click the green tab on the lower right of the page you get to the lock ring diameters. If you keep going, you can see the other Dorman products.

Here it is ( You could also use the tank dimension to determine which tank will fit your truck, then go shopping at the junkyard.

Ram153624, If the S10 tank fits where you like, check out using a Walbro pump from either Summit, Jegs or many other places. The pumps are direct replacements for factory pumps & your LS engine would need much higher pressure & flow than the 1994 S10 engine. Walbro makes both and several sizes in between. Also, I had the slant six in a Dodge A100. Hated the stock carb. Switched to a similar size chevy 2bbl carb also changed over to electronic dist in 75 or 76. Have a great transmission story on that one too.

Good Luck.
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