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Re: LS engine swap into 1966 c10; fuel tank install

Blue666 and all others who contributed---
Sorry it took so long to reply with the info I have developed, but I was at a swap meet in Southwest Georgia the past couple of days, and I can post some good info on late model LS swaps in general. I bought a late model 70,000 mile takeout from Cox Truck, Moultrie, GA (800/476-1051) for $1500, a 2006 5.3 Vortec with 4L65E trans, with all engine wiring, with computer, with drive-by-wire gas pedal and TAC module. They cater to hot rodders and provide everything from the donor vehicle that we need to do the swap. I also called Speartek (765/378-4908) and John said that he will modify the factory harness, take out VATS, EGR, AIR and anything else not needed to make it a standalone harness for $450, and will reprogram the computer to work with the new setuip for $200. That is about half the price of the aftermarket setups. I am very suspicious about the country of origin of the aftermarket computers and components. With this method, we use factory parts. I know that many of the components used by GM are sourced offshore, but at least I think we can trust them to last. I have owned several LT1 Caprice ex-police cars and have put over 100,000 miles with no electrical issues. My ex-wife put 220,000 miles on a 1995 Caprice, an ex- Florida Highway Patrol car, with no electrical issues. I currently own a 1996 Caprice ex-police car with 140,000 miles and it runs like new. I bet it will outrun any police-spec Ford.
Now for the fuel delivery. I used 2 well-written books, "GM LS- Series Engines The Complete Swap Manual" by Potak, and "Swap GM LS-Series Engines" by Bryant for source material. The 1994 S10 and many other fuel tanks, as Blue666 points out, have intank pumps with sending units that can accept LS pumps (58psi). There are many sources on eBay for these. The filter and pressure regulator I will use is the Wix 33737, used on the '98-'04 Corvette. To make the lines simple, I will use braided stainless steel from Earl's Plumbing with the hose ends that plug into the factory fittings. We must be cautious to use the new hose that will stand up to today's crappy fuel. Remember that these are nothing more than glorified rubber hoses, so check with Earl's to ensure that the hose will last.
I will post pix of the install when I can get out there to work; it is still cold in GA
I forgot to mention that the pump that Potak and Bryant recommend is the Walbro 340, which is readily available on eBay. I haven't ordered mine yet, but the pix indicate that it will be a drop-in deal for the S10 tank.
With the S10 tank, Walbro 340 pump, Wix 33737 FPR/filter, and Earl's lines, this is the most simple and lowbuck setup I can imagine.

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