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Re: 2WD C10 Modern/Performance Alignments

Ok. So I got the Thrust Angle in good shape. It was time to move onto the front. I took the time to go through all C10s from 60-87. These are Hunter Specs. Here is what I found:


Camber: 0*00' to 1*00'
Caster: 0*30' to 1*30'
Toe: 0*08' to 0*15'


Camber: -0*15" to 0*45'
Caster: 2*00' to 3*00'
Toe: 0*08' to 0*15'

Note: 1969-78 did not specify a caster angle. It also did not ask for a frame angle so I included them with the 1963-68 specs.


Camber: -0*19' to 0*41'
Caster: Not specified
Toe: 0*08' to 0*15'

Note: Notice the camber range shifted to negative camber.


Camber: 0*11' to 1*11'
Caster: Not specified
Toe: 0*08' to 0*15'

Note: What happened to camber here?

All trucks listed had a Specified Range of 0*15' to 0*30' for total toe

1982-87 was the only alignment that had a Specified Range for cross camber and cross caster. Both were -0*30' to 0*30'
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