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Re: Fixin Dixie - 66 Short Bed Fleetside

Originally Posted by pdxhall View Post
I swear I looked at my first area to cut out for about a week before I got up the courage to start.
Well after staring at it for a while I finally made a cut

Made my template for alignment afterwards

Then made the cut

Scribed out the patch panel cut line. Which I wanted to ask, how far outside the scribe line should you cut at first, .25 inch? Thats about where I have the tapeline set.

Then I had to stop after seeing all the rust in there. I dont have a blasting cabinet but I do have one of those HF guns and figure once it stops raining Ill bead blast it in the yard as best I can and paint some SPI epoxy primer that I ordered in there and move on to welding.

After looking at how the brace clogged up I am going to cut out a bigger spot at the base for the road grime to escape and not cause this again in the future.

As I go along I am putting together the list of parts I will need to replace and ran across this part that I can not find a replacement for. Is there someone who has reproduced these? Its the seal bracket at the top of the fender.

I did find the clips with the help of pimpston65 at Classic Parts
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