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Re: Fixin Dixie - 66 Short Bed Fleetside

Thanks Bret, my hope is that I fix it right the first time but I wont be surprised when the next fix doesnt quite line up.

Most of yesterday I spent working on barricading the road grime entry points on the fender based on McMurphy and Markb's blazed trail.

I'll grind down some welds and hit the rest with a seam sealer.

Also, as I have been taking the fenders apart I have been taking the parts that they dont make repros for (along with the bolts and spacers) and dropping them into vinegar for a while to remove the rust. Wished I could drop the cab into a pool of it.

Then I spent the last part of the day getting the driver side fender off. Forgot just how much fun that bolt at the very front was to get at
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