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Re: K10 rear springs q and a

Originally Posted by Blackfyre77 View Post
Ok, so i called skyjacker again to ask about this. They say that 1969-72 used 52 or 56 on k10s, but, 1967-68 used a different length unknown to the guy i was talking to. He said they did not make a spring for those two years because with thier age and limited year range it wouldnt be profitable for them. But 56s did according to them come on some 69-72s, he says it is more or less still like a big 10 or heavy half (towing package) kind of deal, it wasnt to get around emissions like those, but still used the larger springs. Can anyone tell me what length spring was used on the rear in 67-68? Im just curious.
I don’t think that is correct. Im confident all 67-72 long bed 4x4 frames whether they be 1/2 or 3/4 ton are functionally identical (there may be some very small year to year changes like the 72 spring stops welded/ bolted to the drivers front spring mounts etc). 67-68 did use different spring widths that is true but I’m pretty certain the lengths were the same 52” .. I’ve never seen a 67-72 with 56s, it’s been proven on here several times that the longbed frames are identical. Ie. no longer/ shorter spring mount locations. I would Stick to the info of this site versus what some manufactures are claiming. For the 67-72s the spring capacity is determined but the number of leaves in the pack not the length of the spring.
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